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If you use Apple Music or iCloud Music Library, and have a cellular Apple Watch Series 3 , and are using it in cellular mode, not connected to an iPhone, you can still listen to music. Your battery should be fine if you go out for a quick run or a bike ride, but don't expect it to last too long. Apple rates the battery life of the watch, when cellular access is activated, at just four hours.

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You can also listen if you're connected to a Wi-Fi network, and not use cellular data. To listen to music like this, you can tell Siri to play music by your favorite artist; or ask to listen to a specific album; or even start a radio station, such as Beats 1 or another station you like. You can also go to the Music app, tap Library, and browse for music. Or you can tap Shuffle All at the top level of the Music app to listen to a mix of all the music in your library.

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One good way to listen to music is to tell Siri to "Play my radio station," or just "Play some music. When you listen to an Apple Music radio station, you'll see that the display is a bit different. The star lets you tell Apple Music that you want to hear more songs like the current song, or fewer. And you can play, pause, and skip ahead, but not back.

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No matter which method you use, as long as you have your Apple Watch handy—and Bluetooth headphones—you'll have music whenever you want. I have been searching high and low for an answer but cant find it. Is there any way to play apple music on you watch while still connected to your phone. I want to start playing it while I am in the house which I will still be connected to the iPhone. How do I get the music to play from the watch and not the phone?

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I asked Ralph to write a short piece about his use of Power Music, so here is what Ralph says… Read more Thank you so much for your patience with talking me through my many queries! I am thrilled to have found the solution to what was making me very sad. Featured Musician Guest blog Technical.

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  • About Gavin Back in September Gavin contacted us about wanting a suitable page turner pedal for use at the organ. Guide Help Technical. Here at Power Music Software and previously as Cambron Software we have been selling MusicOne digital music stands since December — almost 8 years! However there are some important issues you need to address before accepting this update. Announcements Guide Technical Uncategorised.

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    In the blog post, we will take a look at: PDF files Scanning paper music Power Music virtual songbooks As always we welcome your comments and feedback on articles. Cambron Software Power Music Software. Toggle navigation. Not a trial version.

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    Product Key required. Buy now. For download and offline display of songs from a Power Music Box account. Help with downloading Power Music Windows Anti-virus If you are using certain Windows anti-virus software such as Norton you may get a warning message when you try to download Power Music.

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